We collaborate and co-invest with our partners

We believe, a business should be upgraded in a full cycle way

We work with partners who have a mature understanding of business and economy, net worth that enables bold steps along with access to financial liquidity and scalable visions with capacity to execute.

We understand that mega plans often merit the necessity of collaborative investments and the value it brings. And accordingly, we bring in the scalability and risk diversification for acquisitions, project expansions and growth fund needs.

Our Approach

Provide required funds without the chaos and build a non-interfering partnership to create the future

We understand the expertise of those with whom we collaborate – we come in as financial investor only with full independence of promoters to run the business as per their expertise.When a certain project fits our co-investment philosophy and passes through our diligence phase, we come in as investors but more passively as compared to the traditional approach of funds.In the post investment period, we allow the necessary independence to our partners and continue to support through our own set of expertise in high level decision making and further fund requirement.

Our preferred sectors of investment

We are sector agnostic but do have passion for certain sectors like Aerospace, Automobile, Electronics,  Energy,  Life-Care & Health Service, Hospitality, IToT, Large scale manufacturing, News Media, Pharmaceutical, Commercial Real Estate.

healthcare industry
education industry
hospitality industry
Aviation industry
oil and gas industry
Oil and Gas

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